Otto Dix (1891-1969) via Encyclopedia of Irish &World Art

The German painter and printmaker Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix was one of the greatest and most powerful representatives of the post-war satirical style of German Expressionism, which flourished during the 1920s in Berlin, Dresden, Mannheim and other major cities. The target for Dix’s satirical, often brutal style of expressionism was the horror of war, of which he had first-hand experience, and the decadent depravities of the post-war Weimar Republic. A member of Die Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity) school, Dix was banned by the Nazis who classified his art as degenerate. Acknowledged as one of the greatest post-war expressionist painters, his 1920s paintings are regarded as some of the finest anti-war pictures of modern art.

The Trench

Stormtroopers Advancing Under Gas – 1924
Machine Gunner Advancing

Meal Time in the Trenches – 1923/24

Trenches – 1917

Flandern – 1934