Name of Colony: Nova Korinthos
Location: Taurica (The Crimea), Newly annexed to the Roman Province of Moesia
Date: 63 AD during the Reign of Nero

O noble and wisest of emperors, even as I write to you Jove thunders in the heavens to proclaim the wisdom of your eastern ambitions! 

Having established a legionary castrum in Bosporanum as instructed, and fortified it with fine Roman walls, I have made a successful and thorough reconnaissance of the great island [sic] of Taurica, and am ready to offer my proposals in regards to establishing a permanent and prosperous colony by which to rule over the Regnum Bosporanum. Such measures will, I am certain, prove key in the success of our proposed expansion along the far shores of the Pontus Euxinus.

It should be noted that the armies of Mithridates Rebel have been thoroughly discredited in the field, despite their illegal appropriation of Roman arms, and that everywhere we march across the isle we are greeted as saviors and liberators from the depredations inflicted upon the populace by Scythian banditti and pirates of the Roxolani.

In short the merchant and landed classes here welcome our presence and look forward to the day when we can provide for them the protection of the Empire and decent port facilities. They hope and pray with fervor that we might build in their midst a proper Emporium that they might successfully compete in commerce despite the greedy and unscrupulous Greeks who dominate the shipping trade by virtue of their colony at Chersonesos Taurica.

In order therefore to secure their continued loyalty I propose that we construct a new and complete castrum, as well as port facilities at a location I have dubbed the New Corinth…

Locator Map:

Political situation:

Phase One:

Phase Two:
Phase 2.5

The Grand Emporium:

The most important feature of Phase Two will be the Grand Emporium. On the seaward side the emporium will appear as nothing more than a long stretch of annular vaulted warehouses, where goods can be unloaded directly from the liburnians pulling up to the quay. These vaults will be connected by arcade to allow the easy flow of goods from warehouse to warehouse. On the opposite end of the storage area will be wide passages with ramps leading to the cryptoporticus and running the length of the markets. Goods will be lowered down and distributed to merchants via cart. The markets will be opposite the warehouses and running perpendicular to them on either end, enclosing a large peristyle with their two storied rows of tabernae, which will feature trabeated facades. The courtyard is to be surrounded by a roofed colonnade allowing shoppers to take their rest or have a meal in the shade. In the inner court there will be plenty of room to allow for entertainment, while the local artisans and merchants who have brought their wares overland may erect a tent in the central bazaar for a lesser fee than renting the more permanent cellae which surround the court.